About Us

We are a network of mature beautiful women

We are bold and confident single ladies constantly working towards God’s intention for singleness.

We are called to re-define singleness, fulfil purpose and at the same time have fun.

We learn to face our challenges head on and are not afraid to admit our weaknesses as we work through them, while we constantly work at being better women with effort and with God’s help. Without shame or timidity we show off our lives living as God intended, chaste and real.

We do not claim to be perfect women, but we can say without a doubt that we are living on the lane of progress.

Some call us mature but we call ourselves beautiful.

We are ready to be married but we learn not to “WAIT” while waiting.

Some call it delay, but we choose to say it is God’s preparation room for us.

While waiting, we see every day as beautiful as we await God’s unfolding plan for us.


To create an enabling atmosphere for capacity, fun and faith for ladies to enjoy resonating fulfilment before marriage


To help mature single ladies copes with the pressures of the waiting period and the associated pressures by building the necessary capacity on the journey to becoming fulfilled wives and mothers.


“…living as God intended…” (1 Cor 7:17)

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