Free download of the WW book (Trailer)

The trailer of the book is available for download.
The complete book is being sold at The Fountain of Life church bookshop, Ilupeju or you can call 0908 441 9328 for enquiries. More locations to come.

Click on While Waiting…My Search for Love and Fulfilment to download

Published by whilewaiting

A network of mature single ladies whose mission is to live as God intended and discover God's purpose on the journey to becoming fulfilled married women

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  1. Ur book has really improved my xtian faith n commitment 2 God. Giving me d real insight of wat d race is all abt.correcting my take on wat love n finding d ryt partner is.ur light must touch more women out there searching blindly 4 luv n marriage. God bless FIKAYO ADEYINKA Amen!!!!!!


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