Dinner Anniversary & Book Launch


Registration link can be found here

Join us as we celebrate the birth of this tell-all memoir.

The book launch/dinner comes up on Saturday, the 18th of February, 2017 from 2pm.

Our special guest is Damilola Oluwatoyinbo and other amazing guests and launchers.

Event is FREE but subject to registration. 


The summary at the back of the book reads:

This compelling memoir explores the journey, struggles and eventual victory of a lady desperate to find love. She shares her challenges as a child from a broken home, the search for love and validation, her hunger for spiritual growth and quite vividly, her quest for deliverance from a debilitating spiritual bondage.

This book, through its humour, down to earth conversational tone and deeply researched scriptures exposes the conquest of light over darkness as well as the liberating power of God’s Word. It is a must read for every single person searching for freedom, meaning and fulfillment.

Its a must-read…lets make this happen!

Published by whilewaiting

A network of mature single ladies whose mission is to live as God intended and discover God's purpose on the journey to becoming fulfilled married women

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